walking with you
in those woods
she was so careful
about what she left
I've seen worse storms
to be swept away
and slept for an hour
on the butt of his gun
of course,
it was my friend
who did me in
down to the water,
as we all watched
we never knew if the city was real
or just one last dream
before drowning
the way the city
as if all the boats
had sunk in the bay
every single light
another memory
he could never forget anything
not even his own name
when he returned
there was nothing but mist
on the bridge
even though
he didn’t believe
waiting to burst into flame
thanking God
that I can see
the days we spent
in that place
he could never
find his way back
no one he told
ever believed him
I’ve spent my whole life
trying to reach
the horizon

by Andrew Ochs